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Adventure Training

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Adventure Training

The Incline Highlander Battalion annually participates in Adventure Training activities. Adventure Training improves the Cadets’ physical condition as well as their confidence and leadership abilities. The Incline Highlander Battalion participates in four Adventure Training events annually:

Introduction to Adventure Training:
  1. Rappelling (15 ft. Wall)
  2. Rope Bridge
  3. Litter Carry
Pre-Camp Challenge:
  1. Commando Crawl
  2. Cargo Net Climb
  3. Rappelling (35 ft. Wall)
  4. Litter Carry
  5. Rope Bridge
  1. Orienteering
  2. Rappelling (55 ft. Wall)
  3. Rope Bridge
  4. Leadership Reaction and Obstacle Courses
  1. Incline High School Practice Course
  2. Navy Orienteering Meet – Galena State Park
The first event we participate in is the Pre-Camp Challenge. The Pre-Camp Challenge is a competition between companies in which each company must complete a course consisting of the Pre-Camp Challenge Activities listed above as fast as possible. The Pre-Camp Challenge prepares Highlander Cadets for the JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC). JCLC is a three-day brigade
Adventure_Trainning_88event held in Camp Parks, CA, that Cadets may choose to attend. The activities Cadets participate in at JCLC are listed above. The final Adventure Training event that Highlander Cadets participate in is the Brigade Orienteering Meet, where Cadets must navigate through the wilderness of Galena Creek Regional Park using only maps and compasses.
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