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Process for Using Docufide for Transcript Requests

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If you are submitting your transcripts to Common Application member institutions through Docufide Secure Transcript, you need to follow certain steps in a specific order to make sure that your transcript gets matched with your application.  As you read the instructions below, keep in mind that you will be managing two different accounts: one for Docufide and one for Common App.

  • Login to Common App ( and note your Common App ID (upper portion of page after login).
  • Use the School Forms section of the Common App to invite your counselor to be a recommender. Doing this will trigger an email message to your counselor providing instructions on how to submit school forms online.
  • Login to and search for the name of one of your Common App colleges.
  • When the college comes up in the search, select the listing for the college that is preceded by a "C" (this means it's a Common App college).
  • Your transcript will be sent directly to the Common App Online system where it will be matched by your counselor with your school forms and submitted on your behalf.
  • Once you have submitted your transcript to one "C" college, your transcript is ready for submission to ALL of your Common App colleges.  You do not need to submit one for each "C" college.

Reference:, Support Center for Applicants

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