Incline High School

... Integrity, Humanity, Scholarship

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IHS registration information

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IHS Facts

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Accredited: Northwest Association of Secondary Schools

School Enrollment: 305 Attendance Rate: 93.1% Dropout Rate: less than 10 students for class of 2013

Student Teacher Ratio: Elective Courses 20:1 Academic Courses 24:1

Block Schedule: A/B/1999 Web: CEEB Code: 290092


IHS Mission and Belief Statements

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The mission of Incline High School is for ALL students to graduate ready for college or career in the global 21st Century.

Belief Statements

  1. IHS promotes Integrity, Humanity, and Scholarship.
  2. IHS develops responsible individuals who contribute to society.
  3. IHS provides a comprehensive education in a rigorous, supportive, and safe environment.

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Tel: 775-832-4260 | Fax: 775-832-4208
Snow Phone: 775-337-7509
499 Village Blvd., Incline Village, NV 89451